Our Coffee Cart was Stolen :(

We still haven’t recovered our trailer. What we did find is the love of our community. We got numerous messages, videos, prayers and thoughts from folks literally all over the country. Thank you all for showing us that we were not alone in this difficult time. I built this bar, sourced plumbing, electrical and learned lots from this process. I’ll take those lessons with me when we inevitably rebuild. But I really loved this bar and the equipment. I still remember making a $5k payment in cash for the espresso machine while thinking “what am I doing?”, “Will people think this is dumb?” The community has shown their support and y’all have given Kim and I strength.

Thank you.

For now, we are not taking on new catered events since we are still working with insurance, sourcing equipment and will have to rebuild.

What’s Next: 
We are borrowing some awesome equipment from friends and will have a new bar built in the near future. This will help us fulfill our current events this year. .

We are searching for a location that our NEWEST coffee trailer can live. We want to create a unique shaded outdoor coffee environment for Fort Worth to enjoy. With our trailer, we will be able to sell ‘by the cup’ and raise the funds to rebuild the catering cart. We can still take on public events with our coffee trailer but are wrapping up final permits with the city.

Thank you all for your continued support! There’s no doubt we will come out stronger from this. We are so excited to serve you coffee vibes, anywhere.