Two Things I've Learned in One Year of Coffee

     Well, its been about a year since i've started Quarry Coffee Bar. Im 1 year into what had been in my head for over three years. I've learned a lot about what not to do like build a bar that can fit through a household door, not cheating out on casters, knowing how to price yourself accurately and finally, what its like to be an actual entrepreneur (not a want-repreneur).

Entrepreneurship is a Lonely Job

     If you decide to start your own business, be prepared to be alone both physically and mentally. If your story is anywhere close to mine, you'll find yourself asking your dogs about important business decisions at home on your couch. To combat this loneliness I head over to my local coffeeshop. The hustle and bustle of others working gives me energy. 

     Im definitely an extroverted person. I work better with teams and love the back and fourth of decision making with people that are just as passionate as I. This is not the season for that however. Without having someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to gauge whether your ideas are good or bad, you are left with only yourself for the assurance that your business idea will actually work. This is why I suggest having a mentor or at least someone in your life whose also trying to grow their business. For me, thats my best bud Cameron Cooper over at Outland Weddings. Sure, he's not in the coffee world. But his business is in the same stage as mine. We are both one man shows with now employees living off of whatever gigs we get each month. 

Paralyzed by Opportunity

     If you are an entrepreneur, you can think of all the different ways that your business can grow. In the morning, you may think that buying a food truck would be a smashing hit. During lunch time, you think about creating another coffee bar. Finally, once bed time hits you think about how you're not successful enough and have to capture all the hours of tomorrow. 

     Its better to not think about all the different things you can do with your business and just focus on one. For me, I've decided to focus on my social media reach. Its a great way to push my brand and the cost of posting content is little to nothing. Sure, I could have designed a layout for a new truck, or come up with a shopping list of parts I need for "mobile cart 2.0" but these things cost money (I don't have much at the moment) and have no guarantee of making money. 

Focus on what you do have. If you have time, go out and shoot photos to push out your brand. If you have knowledge, write a blog post to increase SEO performance on your website. If you have capital, ask your customers what they desire from you. Use what you have and focus on one thing to grow your business. Don't be paralyzed by opportunity.


I hope this small post finds you and helps you out in your coffee business. I do offer consulting for other mobile carts. Feel free to reach out.