Whether you are wanting coffee for a small gathering or a Trade Conference of 1500, Quarry Coffee Bar has got you covered. We have years of experience and would love to serve your guests. 

Our business is people and our language is coffee.


Espresso Bar

Do you frequent a specialty coffee shop every week? Then this is for you! We can work with any roaster and provide you with all your favorite lattes, cappuccinos and espresso based drinks. Two baristas will ensure that people are taken care of. We average a total of 60-70 drinks per hour. 

All coffee fixings are provided (Cups, lids, sleeves, creamer, etc.)


Pour over bar

Do you enjoy single origin coffee and want your guests to taste the difference? The pour over package is great for small gatherings. This process of brewing coffee truly brings out the flavors and characteristic of the coffee. Expect to have 35-50 cups of coffee made every hour.
All coffee fixings are provided (Cups, lids, sleeves, creamer, etc.)


Drip Coffee

Do you need to give caffeine the masses? We offer batch brew for events big and small. Our team will bring single origin/blend batch brewed coffee. This is perfect for outdoor events like marathons, 5Ks, etc. We provide all of the coffee fixins. (Cups, lids, sleeves, sugar, creamer). We use freshly roasted coffee from here in DFW. This coffee is batch brewed with all the proper parameters your local specialty coffee shop uses. #noburntcoffee