Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a limit to the amount of drinks my guests can order?

Not at all! Your guests can come back as much as they'd like for the entire time.


can you set up your bar outside?

Yes! We do ask to not be outside if there is inclement weather, rocky surfaces or in a location where we would not be able to roll our cart to.


Do I need to provide cups, water, or a table for you to set up on?

We bring everything needed including sugar, creamer, and paper products. We only need a dedicated wall outlet for our equipment. 


What kind of coffee do you use?

We generally serve West Oak Coffee. Let us know if you would like a specific roaster and we will reach out to them.


Do you do latte art?

Of course! We love adding a special touch to your guests drinks.


Do you offer flavors for lattes?

Yes! We generally offer Vanilla, Mocha, Lavender and Caramel. We can also create a custom drink for you event.


I understand you serve espresso drinks, but what about a simple cup of coffee?

Yes, we offer drip coffee but only as a add on to our espresso package. We will also provide the cream and sugar


Do you offer cold brew or iced coffee?

We love iced coffee! We do offer our lattes iced. We also offer cold brew coffee but only as a add on to our espresso package. 


How does pricing work? 

Our pricing is based on the amount of hours you want us to serve.


Can I pay with credit/debit card online?

Yes, we accept credit/debit or mailed check.


How far in advance do I need to book Quarry Coffee?

Two weeks at minimum.


Does Quarry Coffee Bar sell by the cup?

Yes, but some criteria such as expected attendees and hours of service will determine if we can. Please reach out if you have an event in mind!